The big reveal…


Have you ever watched a renovation show and been flabbergasted by the big reveal? 30 minutes of television has now inspired you to renovate your entire home! Yes, the new wood flooring and white quartz countertops are flashy but it is the placement of every throw pillow and book that really seals the deal. If I had it my way, I would love each room in my home to look like the end of a HGTV episode (but still be comfy and livable of course). In reality, whether you complete a full home renovation or a new coat of paint in a room, organizing all your valuables in that room is the finishing touch.

My post this week is a two parter. The picture above is the pre-organization of my basement renovation. This space is getting a small facelift with new floors and paint AND an entirely new purpose! My renovation plan includes an outline of the new functionality of this space which means repurposing all the items in it. Some items will stay, some have outlived their life in the house and will be donated, and others will be repurposed to other rooms. So this week is the before picture and in about two weeks, you will see the post-renovation organized space.

Are you hoping to renovate? Big or small, think about having a Professional Organizer come in pre-renovation, post-renovation or both to maximize the beauty and zen of every room in your home. Stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL!

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