What motivates you?

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After forcing myself to the gym this week I couldn’t help but notice that the hustle and bustle of New Years resolutions has clearly died down and most of the treadmills were desolate.  It solidified the idea that starting a new year is not a powerful enough motivator to make a change in our lives.

When I look back at my goals from 2017 that I do not consider accomplished or successful, I realize that the issue was not with the goals I set or my abilities or even a lack of resources. It was the motivation behind them.  How often have you decided to get fit only because you have gained a few pounds?  Or are you going to re-do your budget this year because you realized you do not have the extra disposable income for the vacation you planned?  Then it hit me!  My motivation was coming from all negative aspects I had associated with my life.  I was trying my hardest to be reactive to my lifestyle not realizing that my approach needed to be much more proactive.

When it comes to organizing most people are reactive.  They are not motivated by how they want the end result to look or function.  Instead they have let the their desk fill with paperwork, their hall closets overflow with shoes, or their pantry fill with multiple cans of the same flavoured soup.  Don’t fret, this is the norm.  So I have put together a list of PROACTIVE reasons to get organized today.

  1. Save your precious time.  If you spend even 10 minutes a day looking for essential items such as keys, water bottles, shoes, etc. that equates to 60 hours a year!  That’s more then a full work week for most people.  Think of what you could do with that many extra hours.
  2. Save your money.  Instead of waiting until your bank is in overdraft, organize what you already own and take a mental (or physical) inventory of what you have.  So many of us buy little things like gift bags, pens, and cans of soup because we didn’t realize we already had them.  So the next time you go into the dollar store to pick up one thing, pick up that one thing and don’t spend another $40.
  3. Save your anxiety.  We all know we have a bit of it in today’s society and we spend a great deal of time managing it.  Organize rooms like your bedroom, kitchen and office to bring you peace.  Your belongings should not overwhelm you, they should help you get through your day.  Wake up and a fall asleep in a space that makes you smile.
  4. Save your relationships.  Spend less time with your belongings and more time with the people who matter in your life.  Relationships can’t flourish without time management and minimized stress which an organized space can provide.

Set aside just an hour this weekend to organize a space that will positively motivate you.  See how great it makes you feel once it is done and see how it helps save you time, money, anxiety & stress and helps you foster your relationships.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Call a Professional Organizer to help with the process.  Whether it be a simple organizational plan or a full home reorganization, we are here to help!  Contact us for a consultation.


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