The Holiday Net Effect

The holidays have always been the most special time of year for me.  I love the build up of gatherings, friends and family, the decorations, and watching the kids live the magic.  There is however a time that I enjoy even more and those are the days after the holidays are done and we move into a new year.  While everyone else is nursing a turkey hangover and the kids are using every last battery in the house for their new toys, I am ready to organize, purge and start a new year.

Your home, no matter how small or large, still has an infinite amount of space and the holidays tends to bring in more of everything you can imagine – toys, sweets, new underwear and the big question now is where to put it?

I am a strong believer in what I call the “holiday net effect”. To me this means the holidays should NOT add more items to your home then you had prior to the beginning of the season.  Often what people don’t realize (especially the children) is that all the items we own do not have be loved by us forever.

Take a few days going from room to room collecting items that may not be used or loved by your family anymore and find them a new home.  This does not mean throwing them in the trash and ending their life.  Donate them, sell them online for a few bucks to pay off your holiday bills, or see if a friend or loved one could use them.  Letting books, games, toys, or even an old platter go to a new home gives that piece a new life purpose.  This makes room for new holiday gifts at the same time making your home feel lighter for the upcoming new year.

At this point you are probably laughing to yourself that someone would actually take the time to do this but the feeling you get when you reassess your belongings and purge your clutter trumps it all.  Go into 2019 feeling lighter, loving your home, and spending more time with you loved ones and not your stuff.

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