The dreaded storage room…

Everyone has one of them.  Whether it be a closet, a cold storage room or your entire basement, it’s that one space that you store not only those items that you may not use frequently but every other object in your home that does not have a defined space.  For me it is our cold storage room and I won’t lie and tell you this is an easy task to tackle.

I re-evaluate this room once a year and I dread it only because so many of the items I put in this space I realize I do not need.  So here are a few tips that I use to try and tame this storage space so it never spirals too far out of control.

  1. Any item I have not used in 2 years has to go which means it could be donated, recycled, sold, gifted, etc.
  2. Seasonal or holiday items get their own bins and those bins are stacked according to the time of the year they are used.  For example, when the Christmas decorations are put away those bins move to the bottom of the stack and Easter being the next holiday is then on the top.  This prevents rearranging of bins every time you take out a new one (and the bins toppling over like Jenga blocks!).
  3. Each member of the family gets only 2 keepsake boxes.  They can put anything they would like in them from trophies to school work to hockey cards and we have fun reminiscing and re-evaluating the items in these boxes every few years.
  4. Pictures and electronics should not be stored in a basement or cold storage room. They tend to get musty and ruined and in the case of electronics they become obsolete too quickly to be stored for long periods of time.
  5. Borrow anything you can from others.  Save yourself some money on items like camping gear or warming dishes and for the few times you use them borrow them from a family member of friends.

The light at the end of the tunnel is worth it.  The feeling of accomplishment when you see the finished product and knowing that you never have to dig for hours to find the Halloween decorations is worth the time and effort!


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